23rd April 2019

  • ELITE is the London Stock Exchange Group international program, started by Borsa Italiana in year 2012 in cooperation with Confindustria with the aim to support ambitious companies
  • ELITE reaches 1,134 companies, 700 of which are Italian, for over 84 billion euros in revenues and over 485,000 employees

Lamitex SPA is part of the cluster of companies that last week joined the international network of ELITE, the London Stock Exchange Group program started by Borsa Italiana in year 2012 with the cooperation of Confindustria and dedicated to ambitious companies with a strong business model and a clear growth strategy.

Lamitex Group, accompanied by the Economics and Corporate Finance Area of ​​the “Unione Industriali di Pordenone” towards the approach to the Elite program, has the goal to give further motivation to its objectives of expansion in terms of organization and dimension by creating a competitive, prepared and motivated business environment.
The company’s core structure, made of human resources, research & development, technology and marketing, is ready to seize and exploit the multiple growth opportunities coming from the new investment & internationalization plans.
Strongly rooted in the Spilimbergo area, where a highly skilled team works, Lamitex Group has established itself over the years as a high-level company in the production of laminates for surface coating for interior design.
The aptitude to innovation and the advantage given by a high quality, eco-sustainable and completely Made in Italy production, are the basis of Lamitex Group’s success on international markets, where the company exports more than 80% of production in over 40 countries worldwide.