Italian Leg. Decree 231/01 introduced the administrative
liability of companies for a series of crimes committed in their interests or to their advantage by parties whose functions are related to them. The Decree includes the application of administrative sanctions to the company – economic sanctions, disqualification sanctions, confiscation or publication of the sentence –
which could have serious repercussions on the
company’s business activities.
The provisions of Italian Leg. Decree 231/01 exclude the company’s administrative liability if the company has adopted and efficiently implemented an Organisational, Management and Control model suitable for preventing crimes from being committed and has delegated the task of supervising its operation and compliance to a Supervisory Body. To this end, the Board of Directors of Lamitex S.p.A., after analysing the entire corporate organisational structure and its internal control system has adopted its own Organisational, Management and Control Model which is binding for all parties who, for various reasons, have
professional and business relations with the company; moreover, as required by the Decree, the Company has set up a Supervisory Board with the aim of verifying the
aforementioned Model.

The adoption of the Organisational Model and the setting-up of the Supervisory Body fulfils the requirement of Lamitex S.p.A. to constantly strive for in-house improvement, in order to implement its own structured system that can prevent the risk of any of irregularities from occurring when carrying out its activities, thus limiting the danger of committing crimes
and ensuring the correctness and transparency of its own
It is of paramount importance to Lamitex S.p.A. that all individuals who have any kind of professional and business relations with the company carry out their activities in compliance with principles and values outlined in the Code of Ethics.

The general part of the Model and the Code of Ethics can be consulted at the following links.

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