20th July 2022

Welcoming, relaxing, balanced: Lamitex suggests a contemporary bedroom where furnishing solutions are capable of promoting well-being and giving tranquillity to the whole environment.

Warm and reassuring tones characterize the first proposal, giving completeness to the surrounding space whilst adding elements of style, thanks to the elegant and refined personality of decor 1823 Larice Grigio Chiaro: a woodgrain with a delicate, tactile tone, which adapts perfectly to neutral backgrounds to create a coordinated total look.

In the second proposal, we have imagined a fresher and younger version of the bedroom, in which the bright tones and chromatic originality of decor 1367 Rovere Cadetto give a stronger personality to the environment. The essence of this planked wood, enriched with vintage elements, jeans tones and a saw effect, perfectly matches the vertical veins of decor 2300 Travertino, creating a chromatically balanced composition.

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