The Deco&Paint philosophy is to enhance the beauty of the designs by offering endless possibilities for surface painting using acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane resins, water-based and not, for satin, glossy, matte or metallic effects.
The range offers 7 textures, with a high creative content, but there’s also the possibility to create further textures based on custom designs.

The fabrics produced with carefully braided filaments and subjected to resins treatments, are reinforced with fiberglass filaments to withstand the tensions, impacts and mechanical wear of the plants used for panel processing.
Deco&Paint products are particularly suitable to be used in public places and high-humidity environments. The surface of the Deco&Paint panels comes originally in a neutral color, to be turned then into the most contemporary aesthetic solution that can be chosen for home furniture, caravan and horeca sectors, as well as furnishing components, shipbuilding and wall panels.