17th – 25th October 2020

Lamitex sponsor of Isola Design District during Dutch Design Week 2020

A new important event for Lamitex on the international design scene: after the successful collaboration with Isola Open Studios during the Milano Design City that has just ended, the company will be once again among the key figures, this time in the virtual event “Materialized”, an exhibition organized by Isola Design District during the Dutch Design Week, which will be held in digital format from 17th to 25th October 2020. “Materialized” exhibition will take us through a path in research projects on biomaterials and innovative sustainable furnishings. Like the current and future trends are clearly showing, the design of the future will be increasingly oriented towards the reduction of waste and plastics: a statement that matches perfectly with Lamitex’ vision and milestones.

In this occasion, Lamitex aims to attract and involve art directors, architects and designers from all over the world through a captivating challenge: at the end of the talk with Tommaso D’Olivo, Lamitex’ Brand Image & New Trend Manager, a contest will be launched with the aim of arousing new stimuli and ideas for the interpretation of their materials, through the realization of a creative proposal that can best express the unique characteristics of Lamitex decorative laminates. Participants will be required will to submit a design idea that best represents the combination of environmental sustainability and the beauty of decorative surfaces, offering new aesthetic contents capable of instantly transmitting the intrinsic values of Lamitex’ laminates.