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Dear Customers and Suppliers,
By considering the latest instructions set by the Government to stop the spreading of Coronavirus on our national territory, we would like to inform you that Lamitex is determined to apply all necessary measures to protect the health of its employees, as much as possible. Despite being listed among the companies that could continue their production, Lamitex has decided to shrink its activities.
Our productive schedule will be limited, our Laboratory and warehouse will be managed on call, just for necessary loading and unloading activities.
Our Sales and Accounting departments remain operative and will be carried out in Smart working.

In the meantime, we have decided to give value to this period of virtual distance from work, trying to improve some aspects of our company:
from the customer experience to the optimization of orders and work-flow procedures, from the development of new products to the search for new materials.
For this reason, we are always at your disposal to think together about the best way to resume activities, with creativity and concreteness!

Sure that this emergency will be soon overcome, thanks to everyone's contribution and commitment, we want to jump at the chance to thank all our collaborators who are ready to give their best in this difficult moment.