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In Lamitex, research and development are an important added value.
That’s the reason why we keep on experimenting everyday,
evaluating the performances and the possible applications of our decoratives,
in territories and markets that are different from the one we work in.

From this tendency for innovation the Lamitex Projects are born:
free explorations in the name of creativity,
ready to become new brands and products,
when they reach that quality level
we always look for inside our works.

lamitex projects
already in the market

All the quality and precision of Lamitex decoratives
applied to the luxury paper market:
cherished, exclusive papers,
enhanced by detailed and attractive embossings,
for a perfect fusion between sight and touch.

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Faced panels, capable of unique performances,
guaranteed by numerous exclusive patents,
ideal for the furniture and interior market,
with a wide range of
possible customizations.

current areas
of research

Light Design,
Interior Design,
Wall Paneling,