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Enhance the tactile sensation of every
decorative with a detailed and exclusive relief.
You can choose between tree different options:




a regular, elegant
wave – like relief
available in horizontal
The classic natural
wooden surface
available in vertical
and horizontal
a rough array of
straight lines
available in vertical
and horizontal

decoratives range

Everything you can look for in a decorative
in four ever-widening categories.
Explore the wide range of Lamitex decoratives:

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product lines

Lamitex decoratives are available in tree different product lines,
in order to better fit your requests. Be sure that the decorative you’ve chosen
is available with the format you desire by checking the following icons:

CLPL® Roll

Edge banding


continuous CLPL® laminate
standard dimensions
1250 mm x 600 mtl
Soft CLPL® edge banding
granting estethical uniformity
with moulding and panels
CLPL® on wooden
panel (chipboard, plywood,
MDF, etc.)


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