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clpl®: a patented
lamitex technology

CLPL® stands for Continuous Low Pressure Laminate,
it’s a Lamitex exclusive technology, capable of top performances
and impressive aesthetical results, for a wider and more detailed
range of applications, from simple wooden panel
to complex component.

thin, flexible
and versatile

In terms of performance, CLPL® behaves better then other common
laminates, granting a perfect adherence and flexibility even
on very thin profiles and complex shapes.

great to see,
great to touch

When it comes to beauty, CLPL® gives incredible sensations,
both on the visual and on the tactile side. This makes CLPL®
one of the more realistic laminates nowadays.

and eco-friendly

Speaking of productive chain, CLPL® turns out to be
sustainable, environment respectful during
the production and easily recyclable.