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lamitex beautifies
your ideas

Here at Lamitex, we believe that great ideas deserve great materials.
That’s the reason why we invest time and efforts towards
the highest quality in our products, in order to give you
a wide range of decoratives and sizes, able to fit your desires
and support your ideas.

the story

Lamitex was founded in 2001 in Gemona del Friuli (Udine, Italy)
as a company which carries out research and development activities
relating to industrial technologies for the resin and coating
production sectors. In 2004, the company, driven by new market
impulses, was led to independently design and created a new
technology called CLPL® which transforms each product
into a unique creation. The success of this product over time,
has determined the constant growth of the company.

true partners,
not just customers

Lamitex enters into partnership agreements with its customers.
Each and every company choice made is the result of dialogue
and the exchange of information at several corporate levels. For
Lamitex, the customer makes the real difference between
presumed quality and acknowledged quality.